Paycom – Complete Human Capital Management in one solution

Paycom Software the first online payroll company in the USA founded by Chad Richison in the year 1998. Paycom headquartered in Oklahoma started with providing Online Payroll services and expanded their services to Human Resources Management technology.

Paycom provides easy and simple solutions to employers and allows easy access to the payroll data. Paycom services are cost effective and low on budget to the small and medium enterprises as it provides all solutions at one platform.

Human Capital Technology Built on Payroll

Chad Richison has vast experience in Payroll and worked in payroll industry for many years has come up with the idea of revolutionizing the industry ever since when the dial-up modem were introduced in 1998. The connection speed was very slow those days, but he saw through his visionary goals that Internet’s potential for their payroll  business. He introduced Software as service, which the users allowed to pay for the price for the service he choose. Since the launch of Paycom in Oklahoma, it was focused on client development by providing cost effective solutions and lower their budget on Human Capital Management. Today Paycom emerged as the fastest growing company in United States.

The Human Touch behind the Technology

Paycom believes in customer’s success with their user-friendly solutions. It is by helping the employers to find and hire better people, reduce their work and exposure and manage payroll effectively and accurately. Paycom understands the customer requirements whether it is a small company or large company help them to dedicate resources to achieve their goals. Paycom login provides best in class technology to attain good results for the customers. Paycom has emerged industry leader with its services and customer satisfaction and retention.

Sky-High Security Standards

Paycom maintains highest standards of security when it comes to data and sensitive information of the customers. Data security is in habit by the Paycom employee culture and it strive to set the standard for the best security practices in any industry. Paycom has awarded by ISO 27001, ISO9001 Certification, received Ernst and Young to complete SSAE16 attestations and SOC1 reports and SOC for maintaining internal control. Paycom uses 256-bit encryption technology and have many backup servers for 24/7 monitoring of the systems.

Paycom – Industries they serve

  • Distribution
  • Education
  • Financial institutions
  • Franchises
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonprofits
  • Professional services
  • Restaurants
  • Retailers
  • Technology

By Roles

  • CEOs and owners
  • Finance Executives
  • HR Mangers
  • Payroll Managers
  • IT Decision makers
  • Operations Executives

Paycom – Solutions offered to the client

Talent acquisition

In today’s competitive world, it is difficult find the right candidate for the job for the most of the organizations. Companies have to allocate high budgets on hiring the right people.

Paycom simplifies it with their Talent acquisition Tools with minimal cost and provides candidates with high standards in the industry keeping in the view of cost. Paycom payroll login helps the company’s hiring process easy and fill the positions with best in the industry with its Talent Acquisition tools.

  • Paycom tools quickly find, hire and onboard desirable candidates for the position with all the requirements.
  • It is often frustrating for the top talent to find a right job, but paycom shortens the gaps in the hiring process and helps them in line to compete in the job market.
  • Paycom applies “we find you” in their sourcing model and they search for the candidates who are completely suitable for the customers.
  • To set the good employee experience, Paycom starts the onboarding process before a new hire’s joins.

Candidate Tracker

Candidate Tracker is the effective tool introduced by Paycom as it makes job easy for both recruiters and hiring managers. Using which it will filter the right candidate for the position. It gives higher quality profiles for the talent pool and for future screenings.

  • Maintaining database of candidates, which enables instant and matching resumes for the position.
  • Maintaining candidate history and made available by educational history and previous employers and locations.
  • Allows searching the best and economical match for giving maximum out of minimum spend per candidate.

Application Tracking

Applicant Tracking is another tool developed by Paycom under Talent Acquisition. Application Tracking brings efficiency and availability of right candidates to simplify the hiring processes that are required to hire the suitable people.

  • Application Tracking Tool assists candidates to submit information before applying for a job at the same time recruiters can find the best candidates quickly.
  • Allows updating job listings frequently to attract the job seekers.
  • Posts multiple job postings to a single requirement for getting more traffic.
  • Separates the candidates who are not have enough qualifications.
  • Helps candidates’ to complete the HR formalities and join faster with the company.
  • Storing the candidate’s documents online with Digital Signatures and safe custody the documents.

Tax Credit Calculator

Paycom provides effective Tax Credit Calculator used for candidate qualify process, it calculate and secure the thousands of tax credits available for the candidates. If the tool finds any tax credits found it will be applied against the federal income tax liability.

Tax Credit Calculators help employers to determine tax liabilities of the candidate and ensure to take decisions to adjust and helps government to get appropriated funds.

  • Employer has the option to outsource the service to secure tax credits.
  • Employers need not pay anything if they found no tax credits on candidates.

Background Checks

Paycom ensures Employment Background Checks for employee is joining in the respective organization. It is important to hire qualified and trustworthy employees and not presenting risk to employers, customers or business. Swift and speedy background checks are performed to see the candidates authenticity.

  • Explains in detail how the searches done and the screening results.
  • Performs background checks of the employees who are on board.

On Boarding

On Boarding tool is useful for creating tasks for the new employee and group of employees who are on board. This simplifies hiring process for the HR managers and Employers.

  • Assign tasks by employee or employee groups of competing tasks electronically for the completion of On-Boarding processes.
  • Create checklists with tasks such as submitting Tax forms, Employment training, payroll data creation, exit interviews etc.
  • Create Task Dash board for reviewing the checklist for onboarding employees.


E-Verify® is the important tool created to self-regulating employment verification from Paycom’s application and minimizes audits and retribution from I-9 violations. Employee can fill and submit the I-9 form securely and Confirm employment status with the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify®.

  • Run E-Verify® checks from within Paycom’s application.
  • Securely store completed I-9s online.

Talent Acquisition Analytics

Paycom also provides tools to analyze the basic things in Talent acquisition with its Talent Acquisition Analytics. Like from where the best talents and people are coming? What is the productivity of recruiters? What is the time taken for recruiting the position? These are the important measures to analyze the talent acquisition activity.
Our real-time Report Center offers the ability not only to report across all data stored in the system, but across multiple years and EINs, in a variety of formats, with the following types of talent acquisition reports:

  • Applicant Flow/Source/Status
  • Job Status/Posts/Requests
  • Position Time to Fill
  • Background Check Reports
  • Task/Document Change Audit
  • E-Verify® Document Expiration
  • E-Verify® Company Information
  • Applicant Tracking and Document Management Report Writers allow you to create custom reports for a more comprehensive and graphical analysis of your activity.

Track and manage labor needs with Time and Labor Management tools

Your employees are your greatest assets and your greatest expense. If any change in the labor costs and sudden rise in the work force, the employer needs to look at the time-and-attendance processes effectively.
It is important to every business to track labor time and cost. The advantages of time-tracking tools are the employer can monitor the labor hours in order to arrive the labor cost of the employees. With the Paycom the customer experiences one system for all the Time and labour management improvements linked with attendance and payroll systems.

Time and Attendance

Paycom provides Time and Attendance tools accurately where it reflects the labour hours and Time sheets of employees to determine payroll and issue paychecks accurately.

  • Employees submit his attendance time online
  • Manager is the approver and approves time online.
  • Updating payroll with approved time automatically in the system.
  • This tool search the absentees, Sick leaves, Vacations, and missed and forgotten punches of the employees.
  • In the case of holiday hours, it allows group edit to punch at a time for all the employees.
  • Automatic deductions i.e. extra lunch hours, excess time shifts in midnight, bonuses, weekend extra jobs, holidays work etc.
  • Assigns multiple earning codes and pay classes for unlimited numbers.

Deliver flawless payrolls with Payroll tools

Paycom helps the customer in timely and accurate results of payrolls and ensure they processed quickly and perfectly. The tools are user-friendly and save efforts and time. Paycom automate the processes and produce a single software for all your needs. The HR manager and Payroll specialist work in tangent with the tool and integrating multiple systems.

Paycom Pay

Paycom has introduced the PaycomPay through which it prepare the paychecks for the employees by eliminating cumbersome process of reconciling the employee accounts with the database. It is simply prepare checks from Paycom bank account with the calculation provided by the Time and attendance tools. Hence, it reduces lot of time and efforts for the employers and employees. Employees will receive timely paychecks without any hassles.

  • Paychecks can be given to employees from Paycom bank account directly.
  • Provides statement of net payroll, taxes and fees deducted from your account.

Engage and develop your workforce with Talent Management tools

Paycom’s all-in-one software is effective tool, which energizes the employee satisfaction. Employees’ plays major role in the growth of any company. It is important to make them understand the purpose, vision and a path to achieve success for the mutual benefit.

The employer boost the morale of the employees and control salary budgets with linking performance with salary hikes. Paycom introduced first of its kind review process for Employers and HR Managers and employees.

Performance Management

Performance management is the backbone of every organization as it used to measure the performance of the employees in order to achieve organizational goals.

Paycom has implemented the process of standardizing the positions with pay grades and performance goals. They manages a list with positions, competencies and salary grades.

  • Grouping the positions for better management.
  • Determine performance parameters with various factors i.e. role, family status.
  • Decide on the approvals and rating parameters for the reviewing performances.
  • Updated status periodically on Employee Dashboard.
  • Accepts feedback and suggestions from the employees online.
  • Reporting on the performance management and development goals online.

Document and Task Management

Paycom’s key and important function and tool is to secure the documentation and records of the employees’ safely. Protecting documents from unauthorized access and disasters. Also, locate files easily and spend less time on searching and saving cost by eliminating usage of paper, printing and storage.

Document and Task Management tools are used to store the documents and employee records safely online by reducing the usage of papers. The data will be store on employee’s name on a single cloud based system providing all security features and retrievable by authorized people.

  • Employees can access his personal documents online using digital signature. Employee can view various forms and company documents as and when required
  • Safeguard the information and confidential documents with help of security access at various levels.
  • The tasks can be assigned electronically to the onboard employees, which helps the employer to simplify the process.
  • Create checklists of multiple tasks, trainings, schedules, forms and documents online.

Paycom Lead the way by automating processes with HR management tools

Human capital Management worldwide changing the shifts and technology with a result of these there are changes in the nature of the workforce and the work place.

The employers are also looking at the simplified solutions in order to save the time, efforts, and cost effective solutions that simplify the work, restructure their budgets, and help them to focus their businesses.

However, transforming the HR functions and departments in to a Talent and retention focused powerhouse that competes core HR functions without errors made Paycom to bring more and more tools with the right strategy and technology

Paycom is the business Leader in the payroll with its vast experience in the industry and equipped with a team of high standards who continuously work for the progress and to achieve goals.

Paycom – Service Locations

Paycom has sales office in every corner of the United States .The sales offices address its customer’s specific business needs. Below are the list of locations Paycom serves:

Corporate Headquarters:
7501 W Memorial Rd,
Oklahoma City,OK 73142,

Paycom  Offices

Chicago Loop
Chicago west
Dallas Corporate
Fort Worth
Indiana Polis
Kansas City
Long Island
Los Angeles
New Jersey
New York
Orange County
Salt Lake City
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco
Silicon Valley
St. Louis
Washington DC